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Welcome to the homepage for The Amüli Chronicles, my collection of manuscripts ranging from the Middle Grade Frendyl Krune series to the Epic Fantasy Soulbound arc. Everything I write, from my notes to the final drafts, are a product of my desire to entertain you, to show you a world years in development, and I cannot thank you enough for your time.

The continents of Inrugia--east and west--are inhabited by humanoid creatures with wings called amüli, as well as other peoples. The ekra and denayn share these lands with the amüli, though not always peacefully. Two thousand years ago, the amüli underwent the Transition by sending their immortal souls to live within human hosts on Earth called Soulbounds. These Soulbound humans allow the amüli to live for hundreds of years without fear of mortal injury or illness; when ones Soulbound dies, the amüli merely removes its soul and places it into another host, which begins the process of Rebirth and allows the amüli to enter their next life. In return for such long lives, once an amüli enters their tenth life, madness sets in. Before long, the amüli's soul is rejected from the Soulbound, and the amüli becomes Soulless.

Soullessness is penance for the amüli people's attempt to cheat death. Instead of dying, they become trapped in their own bodies, unable to move, breathe, feel, or speak. They can hear, though, and see, and their bodies decay ever so slowly, forcing them to endure a deathless limbo. Thus far, there is no cure for Soullessness, nor for the madness that afflicts amüli in their later lives.

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